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We optimize your marketing spending: Base your strategic decisions on our data-driven attribution!

We help you to better evaluate all your marketing channels and advertising campaigns. Only with a solid evaluation can your company review budgets and reallocate spending reliably across marketing channels. By carefully analyzing your advertising data, cost data, and data from CRM, Adference develops the foundation for its science-based attribution analysis (customer journey analysis) and subsequent optimization of your budget allocations.

We adjust your attribution model so you can make the right decision every day!

Customer journey analysis and corresponding attribution models offer outstanding potential to improve your operative marketing performance. We evaluate your models on the basis of your setup and data, and then offer suggestions for improvement. Depending on your situation at the start, we develop new models and implement them into your systems.

We help you get ahead: Learn how to get the most from your attribution models!

After the revision and introduction of an attribution model, it’s important that all marketing departments act in concert. That means involving all staff members who will work on the project early in the process to increase trust and acceptance of the model. We will show you what distinguishes a great attribution model.


As one of the leading mail order businesses for toys and children’s clothing in Germany, JAKO-O, which is part of the HABA Group, makes use of a number of advertising channels, both off and online. The company was searching for a way to comprehensively measure the success of single advertising campaigns. The goal: better coordination between marketing channels to improve Cost-Revenue-Ratio and optimize the acquisition of new customers.
Adference’s statistically sound cross-channel attribution was able to solve a number of these challenges. The print catalogue, the JAKO-O web shop, and other online advertising campaigns served as a basis for calculating an individual attribution model tailored to the business. In addition, data from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was used to factor in customer-specific behavior. The dynamic model takes these into account to calculate the relative contribution to success of various advertising campaigns. Specific recommendations for action were offered.
Thanks to detailed results, JAKO-O was able, for the first time, to determine that a large part of its online sales could be ascribed to the offline advertising effect of their catalogues. Additionally, they learned which online advertising campaigns actually were effective and which had been overestimated in the past. By redistributing advertising budgets, JAKO-O was able to increase revenue by 15% and attract 10% more new customers.

“When it came to implementing their recommendations for optimizing and improving the allocation of our online marketing budgets, Adference offered professional support. The scientific background of their models and the excellent service was impressive. Every detail of our questions was answered quickly and carefully.”Marc Schmid, Leiter E-Commerce, JAKO-O

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  • Extensive experience in customer journey analysis and in the implementation of attribution models
  • Attribution of advertising efficiency through scientifically sound methods
  • Integration of online and offline (TV, catalogue, … ) advertising channels
  • Calculation of optimal budget allocations
  • Benchmarking with your models and standard models (Last Click, First Click, … )
  • Establishing interaction effects between all advertising channels (online and offline)
  • Attribution as a service or with IT integration

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