We are

We believe in data. We make decisions based on science & facts!
We believe in better marketing - through solid evaluation of advertising data.

Our vision is to provide advertisers with the smartest marketing automation tool in the world.

And that's our story...

How It All Started: Early Roots

In 2014, ADFERENCE was founded by a group of researchers and data scientists. Even before the company was founded in 2014, ADFERENCE had started developing Google Bid Management for leading companies. In less than a year, more than 100 customers were already using ADFERENCE's smart algorithms.

ADFERENCE Grows at Full Speed: Developed for Google Ads

The transformation from a small single-room company at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg to a company with hundreds of customers encouraged us to offer better service and even better performance in our Google Ads Bid Management Tool. In 2015, we were officially certified as a Google Premium Partner.

We developed a Google Shopping Campaign Builder that optimally structures campaigns for precise bidding at the product level using ADFERENCE's algorithms.

A New Product: Smart PPC Automation For Amazon Advertising

With more than 20 ADFERENCE employees, we have launched one of the world's first Amazon PPC tools that optimizes advertising campaigns for sellers and vendors on Amazon in a completely automated way.


After two years of successful collaboration, ADFERENCE was incorporated into ABOUT YOU as a 100% independent subsidiary in 2019, driving the further development of ADFERENCE AdTech. Meanwhile, in collaboration with adSoul and ABOUT YOU, we developed a high-precision, high-performance optimization approach to significantly reduce sellers' advertising costs on Google: Entity Bidding for Google Ads.

Today: Continuously Evolving

With the first German-language Amazon Advertising Podcast: Vitamin A - Your dose of Amazon PPC, we have established the go-to audio content for insights, hacks and best cases for optimizing Amazon PPC strategies.Recognized as one of the largest Google CSS partners in the German-speaking market and part of Amazon's official Solution Provider Network (Amazon SPN), we grow every day by pushing our limits!

What we believe in and what we act on

Our four core values are the foundation of our actions and our cooperation. So that each individual can build on this foundation, we have worked out the values together. Today, we are proud to let them guide our daily decisions.

Appreciate others. Always.

At ADFERENCE, we believe in overall appreciation - even across departmental and company boundaries. We demonstrate this by valuing everyone in their individuality. Regardless of age, hierarchy, sexual orientation or origin.

Work smart. Live well.

We encourage our employees every day to create the best working environment for them. That's why we build on trust-based working hours, remote work options and full flexibility. In this way, our employees can bring out the best in themselves and integrate their work into everyday life.

Collectively winning.

We celebrate the successes of others, show transparency and see leadership as an integrated part of the team. This is how we achieve our common goal of delivering the smartest marketing automation to advertisers worldwide.

Getting ahead is key.

We love challenges! That's why we challenge ourselves every day. Regular feedback, individual development and continuous learning are therefore at the top of our agenda.

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