Amazon PPC Tool for Sellers

No more unnecessary advertising spend. Lower your ACoS and sell more on Amazon

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Save time. Increase your sales on Amazon.

Focus on the most important tasks

Don't waste time manually adjusting bids and creating campaigns. ADFERENCE for Amazon does the PPC work for you.

Hit your target ACoS

With the right bids, we make sure that your target ACoS is no longer just a dream.

Advertise with the most relevant keywords

We find the right keywords for your products and place your advertising on Amazon where it makes sense.

Better than the hand of humans.

The right bids at the right time

Using our algorithms and your data, we correctly adjust the bids of your campaigns every day.

No rules

Our predictive bidding algorithms make data-driven budget and bidding decisions – without complex sets of rules.

The best setup – entirely automated

We take into account current best practices such as detailed campaign structures and combinations of auto and manual campaigns.

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Let our clients convince you

Founder and Managing Director

“It works really well with this strong team. I've never worked with a tool or agency that communicates and is structured as perfectly as the ADFERENCE team. Therefore, high compliments, I can only recommend collaboration to everyone.”

Let our clients convince you

Lone Friedrich
Performance Marketing Manager

“Our goal is to improve our efficiency by allocating the budget to the best performing and most relevant campaigns. ADFERENCE' Smart Portfolio Budget does this very successfully for us."

Let our clients convince you

Niklas Regler
Teamlead Sales Amazon

“Thanks to ADFERENCE, we can implement our advertising for the entire range quickly and actively. Whether focus articles or long-tail products. Effective international advertising is now also possible - despite smaller teams.”

Let our clients convince you

Managing Director

“The team at ADFERENCE is a leader in data-driven analysis and management of Amazon PPC. Always a top address for questions about ad spend optimization and campaign setup.”

Let our clients convince you

Managing Director

“We have been working very successfully with ADFERENCE for many years. The automated Bid Management has proven to be a real accelerator for many of our Amazon customer accounts. And the account management team is quick to implement our requests for new features.”

Let our clients convince you

Managing Director

“Unbeatable onboarding & unique customer support! With ADFERENCE, we were able to build a campaign portfolio structure tailored exactly to our needs. This way, the ad placement of our more than 10,000 products is automatically controlled in an optimal way - with measurable success.”

Let our clients convince you

Business Development Manager E-Commerce

“ADFERENCE's extensive support and condensed PPC expertise (podcast, blog) completely won us over.”

Let our clients convince you


“If you're looking for expertise and really helpful Amazon know-how, there's no substitute for ADFERENCE and the performance of the Bid Management tool.”

Let our clients convince you

Teamlead External Marketplaces

“We, at Spreadshirt, are very satisfied with ADFERENCE. The tool is easy to use and the support is great. We have also been able to sustainably increase the performance of our Amazon advertising campaigns since the optimization began.”

Let our clients convince you

Head of Sales & Marketing

“With ADFERENCE, Taxdoo has a valuable exchange to successfully navigate through the sometimes opaque Amazon jungle. Our Taxdoo users, like the vast majority of online merchants, often have questions about PPC or bid optimization; ADFERENCE always knows a clever answer to these.”

Why sellers choose ADFERENCE

ACoS optimization

Increase in sales

Data-driven Bid Management

Keyword research

Easy to use

Tailored onboarding

Great support

Campaign automation