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Predictive Bidding:
Automate your Amazon Ads

No rules. No waiting. Simply more sales.

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Smart bid optimization

Don't waste time manually adjusting your campaigns. Choose from sales or click maximizing bid strategies - then define your ACoS goals or specific budgets. Our scientific machine learning technology makes sure you place the right bids every day.

Never again at the limit:
Take off with portfolio budgets

Adference recognizes campaigns & portfolios with a limited budget and makes sure that budgets are distributed intelligently across all campaigns. Your campaigns will never again reach the budget limit, even with strict specifications. Your ads remain consistently present.

Hundreds of campaigns at the push of a button

Adference creates hundreds of campaigns for you in seconds–fully automatically and according to your specifications. This allows you to create a 1-ASIN campaign structure for your products in no time at all, consisting of auto and manual campaigns.

Keyword automation made easy

Adference automatically recognizes keywords in your automatic campaigns and moves them to your manual campaigns for pinpoint ad targeting.

More unique features

  • For Amazon Vendors & Sellers

  • Predictive bid optimization

  • Choose your
    bid strategy

  • Manage campaigns in portfolios

  • Smart budget management

  • Campaign automation

  • Keyword automation

  • Daily bid optimization

  • Compare performances over time

  • Data is stored for
    60+ days

  • Multi-account support

  • Amazon marketplaces worldwide

  • Sponsored Products

  • Sponsored Brands

  • Flexible filters

  • Changelog


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