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Smart Amazon Automation through Predictive Bidding

No rules. No waiting. Simply more sales.

Autopilot Bidding

Save time! We optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns fully automatically

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Use our revenue maximizing bid strategies to upscale your business

Amazon PPC Meets Science

We make your campaigns profitable with the help of Machine Learning algorithms

No More Exhausted Budgets

In placing your bids, we make sure that your ads are displayed throughout the day

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Unique Automation with Unique Features

  • Predictive PPC optimization

  • Daily bid optimization

  • Compare performances over time

  • Group your campaigns

  • Budget limits are detected automatically

  • Configure campaigns directly in Adference

  • Unlimited number of campaigns

  • Data is stored for >60 days

  • Flexible reporting

  • Export your reports

  • Multi-user support

  • Multi-account support

  • Support from PPC experts

  • For Amazon marketplaces worldwide

  • and much more...


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