Recap:Amazon Advertising Meet Up Hamburg no:6


Star of the evening: Amazon Sponsored Brands!

On the 28th of January, PPC enthusiasts, Amazon sellers, vendors and agencies gathered round to keep up on the newest updates of Amazon advertising in mindspace, Hamburg.

As we said before, this is the year we put Amazon Sponsored Brands into the practice and it was unavoidable to pass Sponsored Brands over in the first meet up of the year especially upon our new feature release of Sponsored Brands optimization! 

Those who know us know that in January we already announced big news in some places: We had a lot to crack, because ADFERENCE now also supports the fully automated optimization for Sponsored Brands! We discussed how the best practices for Amazon Sponsored Brands currently look like. As a warm up and source of ideas we started the evening with two stimulating impulse talks! It was really exciting for us to see that many of the participants were already deeply involved in the topic: At least 10%-20% of their Amazon Advertising campaigns are Sponsored Brands campaigns - with such an interested group the evening flies by!

We took Sponsored Brands one step further from their setup to the profi matters:

  • Do's and Don'ts of Sponsored Brands by Philipp Wicke 
  • New Possibilities of the optimization of Sponsored Brands by Dr. Florian Nottorf

Philipp Wicke questions how much Sponsored Brands are really suitable for branding, especially if you aim for a low ACoS and CPO. Instead of ACoS, he suggested keeping an eye for CPO for the Sponsored Brands since this metric can provide more accurate data at product level.

The other intriguing points he made is that the three products advertised on Sponsored Brands should be complements to the products instead of a variation of the similar products. For example: if you advertise garden chairs, the extension products can be garden table or sun-beds for the garden rather than the different colors or pattern of the chairs.

In the same way, Dr. Florian Nottorf has made some remarks that are in line with Philipp Wicke's presentation. He made clear that the advertisers should accept high ACoS if their aims are visibility and brand awareness.

In his talk Florian poses the question whether the optimal campaign structure, which is so popular for Sponsored Products and consists of an auto and a manual campaign, can also be used for Sponsored Brands. The idea: Since there are no auto campaigns for Sponsored Brands so far, similar results could be achieved by a broad category targeting. In this way, Amazon targets related products from the category.


The last but not least controversial subject was the influence of whitespace on the conversion rate of Sponsored Brands! What we mean by whitespace is that advertising one product as Sponsored Brands instead of three products, which can surprisingly result in a higher conversion rate! Also, as an advertiser you can have more focus on one product and control over the campaign. We look forward to hearing your feedback on that matter! 


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