Quick Performance Guide for Amazon Ads

Quick Performance Guide for Amazon Ads

Big plans, little time?

As an Amazon seller or vendor, you often find yourself juggling several tasks at the same time: continuously optimizing your product detail pages, constant review management, and you are always out looking for the right products for your customers. So it's not surprising that other tasks that call for your attention occasionally have to queue up in the back.

If Amazon Advertising belongs to the latter category in your business, you've come to the right place: we want to show you how you can get the most out of your Amazon ads with fast, cleverly set tricks.

Invest only 10 minutes a month in optimizing your Amazon Sponsored Products, and you will already notice a significant difference in campaign performance.


Keep it simple: Start with a simple campaign set-up

If you want to get started quickly with Amazon Ads, Sponsored Products campaigns are the advertising format of your choice. Especially with auto-campaigns, you won't have to deal with:

  1. Creating an auto-campaign
  2. Adding your (top) products
  3. Defining a daily budget as well as maximum bid

If you are not sure how high the budget and maximum bid should be, you can follow Amazon's suggestions at first.

In no time, your first ads will be running on Amazon!

The advantages of this setup are: 

  • You do not have to create the advertisements: your product page is displayed as the ad.
  • You do not have to research any keywords: Amazon checks itself whether your ad matches the relevant search queries.
  • You can change maxCPC only on ad group level – making things more simple for you.

There is no question about it - this setup is very simple and hard to beat as a very convenient advertising option. Unfortunately, it does not stand out for its efficiency to the same extent. We have already discussed this in our blog post Sponsored Products: Set up your Amazon campaigns for success in 3 steps. Nonetheless, with this setup you won't need much effort – you can get started quickly and easily with Amazon Advertising.

Disable Weak Product Advertisements

The first ad clicks and sales have been made? Very good, then let's take 10 minutes for effective and easy optimizations.

Take a look at the performance (sales, costs, ACoS) of your ads in your campaigns:

Identify weak products: Sort your products in descending order according to ad costs and disable the ads that collect many clicks but generate low sales. In our example, we deactivate the first two products. Although they drive traffic, they only generate very low revenues at a very low ACoS:

Performance Check ACoS

Performance Check ACoS

Adjust Your Maximum Bid

Check out your most expensive Amazon advertising campaigns or ad groups for last month.

↘ If the ACoS in your ad groups is well above your target ACoS, select the relevant ad groups and reduce bids by 10-20%.Ad Groups Gebote anpassen

Ad Groups Gebote anpassen

↗ If you find ad groups with a very low ACoS, select the ad groups accordingly and increase the bids by 10-20%.

Repeat these quick optimizations once a month. This will only cost you 10 minutes, and will quickly pay off!



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