No Distinction Between Amazon Vendors and Sellers

Amazon-Vendors- and-Sellers

👉 Quick access to the same features for Amazon vendors and sellers

👉 The full automation kit for Amazon vendors

👉 ADFERENCE creates fully automated:

      ⚙️ AdGroups for automatic and manual campaigns

      ⚙️ Performance-based keyword targets - and new: negative keyword targets

With an update in the Advertising API, Amazon has taken steps to provide sellers and vendors with equal opportunities a few weeks ago. A big step in the right direction, we believe - and that is why we have quickly removed the differentiation between Amazon Advertiser categories, seller and vendor, in our system!

Since this week, sellers and vendors accounts are completely equal in the ADFERENCE System.

As a user, this means for you: In the campaign setup, and also in the keyword manager, you, as a vendor, can now use the same smart optimizations as a seller: We automatically create ad groups for your automatic and manual campaigns and our smart algorithms add positive and negative keywords automatically.


Keyword Targeting

❗We have made this change at the highest level in the system. From now on, sellers and vendors receive access to all new features in the same functional range from the first day - they are immediately activated for both types of merchants.

Do you have questions about how this change affects you? We recommend you to contact your Customer Success Manager directly. We will gladly help you!



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