New Feature: Set your Minimum CPC

Min CPC Limit

Minimum CPC limits in Google Ads

YES! We’ve just released a useful little helper that allows you to assign a lower limit to your campaigns: Minimum CPC limits! They stop your campaigns from going below a certain ad spend, whenever you need them to (and are not to be confused with the now historic minCPC in Google AdWords). 

min CPC limit

Min. CPC Limit

Why is my ad spend so low in the first place?

If your keywords’ or products’ conversion rates are low, our predictive bid optimization normally makes sure that your advertising budget goes to more successful products and keywords.

>> If many people click on your ad but don’t buy the associated product, your costs will go up, resulting in a poor ROI or a high CPA. Assuming your ROI target lies below that value, ADFERENCE will reduce your bids until your ROI target is achieved. With no incoming conversions or returns, bids may come close to 0.01€–which in practice, equals turning your ads off.

While being a key feature in everyday bid optimization, sometimes it is necessary to stop this process for reasons that we cannot predict purely from looking at performance history. For these cases, you now have a way to actively let our machine learning algorithms know that you have different goals for your campaign in mind:

When to use minCPC limits

Sometimes you need to…

…sell loads of a specific product, regardless of its conversion rate.

…boost slow-selling products because the end of season is approaching.

…introduce a new product that does not have many conversions yet.

In these cases, set a minCPC way higher than 0.01€ to ensure your ads are being shown more often.


If you need to…

…keep the ad delivery running for specific campaigns at all times, for more brand visibility.

If that’s your goal, go for a lower minCPC limit that is just high enough to keep you in the game with your competitors.


If you’d like to learn more about ADFERENCE features, check out our blogpost on how to use our Account Target feature together with shared budgets. Not an ADFERENCE user yet? Book a demo, it’s free!


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