Holiday Season: 5 Tips to Grow Your Profit with Google Ads


Boost your sales during the holiday season

You couldn’t get what you expected from last year’s holiday season? Or is it gonna be your first time? Either way, we will walk you through with some helpful insights, and tricks to boost your sales in this holiday season!

Since the holiday season is a long run marathon starting from November with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and continuing till New Year’s Eve, that’s why we need a strategic plan, which firstly focuses on the preparation and secondly leads with bidding optimization and modifiers.

Determine your budget and set your KPIs

  • If you already have a historical performance data for the holiday season, the best thing you could do is to pull the data and mark the last sales dates that your conversion rate dropped in 2018. This can help you predict to decrease your CPC for these days, which you can avoid unnecessary costs.
  • If it is for the first time you are in part of the holiday season, we could advise you not to afraid of spending more and focus on gathering more impressions and be visible to holiday shoppers. 

Tweak your keywords

The holiday season is the time for people to flatter each other with gifts, and I am sure there is no better time “for him” and “for her” are used that often. 
  • Be sure that you are using all seasonal relevant keywords in your search queries. 
  • Broaden your match types, target also broad and phrase match types. The bids are always higher on exact match keywords, especially in the holiday season. However, by targeting broad match types you can reach double customers than you reach with an exact match. 
  • To decrease CPC, make adaptations in your ad copy in line with holiday promotions and seasonal articles and include keywords in the headlines. 
  • Use that keyword report to track down the non-converting keywords by filtering conversions > 0 and cross-reference against your keywords list and add them to you negative keyword list. 

    ❗Decide precisely which keywords to add to the negative list because if you transfer the non-converting keywords to the negative list, you decrease your costs, which is good but you can also lose your traffic.

  • If you are using inventory filters be sure that you go over them. Therefore, there isn't any product left out that doesn't answer to search queries in your Google Merchant Center product inventory. 

Expand your remarketing audience

  • Instead of reaching leads from the last 1-2 months, you can expand your range up to 6 months. Target the right audience depending on your product, adjust your bids accordingly then you are good to go! That way, you will be more in the eyes of your potential buyers compared to your competitors.

Mobile Device as modifier

  • According to last year’s statistics, one-third of online sales are made through online devices. On Cyber Monday, 54% of the customer shopped via online devices. These are number are high enough not to be ignored1.

If you are using Adference, you already know you can skip this step: our algorithm is analyzing the performance on the device-level and we set the optimal modifier on the ad group level per device. 

Polish your ad extensions

If you had a brick and mortar shop, what would you do to get the attention of the customers? – You would definitely display your offers on your showcase with colourful themes. That’s what you will do with your ad extensions! If you have special offers such as free delivery, free gift wrap, or high % discounts, they must absolutely be visible in your ad extensions. 


Last but not least, 

🤖 Leverage Machine Learning

👉If you are using an optimization tool like Adference, benefit from machine learning algorithm and leverage automation. Since Adference is very good at recently occurring trends, it can react quickly to the steady increasing conversion rates. Make use of bid optimization of the smart tool and take advantage of increasing conversion rates by bidding flexible. 

To an Optimized Holiday Season!🍻🎄 


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