ADFERENCE now supports Amazon Sponsored Brands


Even more Automation

We are very excited to share with you that ADFERENCE is supporting bid optimization for Sponsored Brands. With our newest update, we are happy to start this year at its best. 
We are proud to offer you with this new addition to our tool - Sponsored Brands - now we provide you with even more full automation for Amazon PPC Advertising! 


What is the new release?


New Feature Release

From now on, you will optimize your Sponsored Brands ads with the full ADFERENCE power. This means that you are able to: 

  • Combine Sponsored Brands ads under one portfolio
  • Optimize the portfolios of Sponsored Brands 
  • Evaluate the performance of Sponsored Brands ads
  • Modify Sponsored Brands ads campaigns
  • Allocate and adjust the daily budget of Sponsored Brands campaigns

❗Please note that we would not suggest you optimize Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns under one portfolio because conversion rates and CPCs can differ significantly from each other. 

With this new update, we also cut down the time that you bounce between ADFERENCE and Amazon.

What are Sponsored Brands ads?

As an Amazon seller or vendor, you are already familiar with Sponsored Brands but let’s walk you through it briefly:

Sponsored Brands are PPC ads, appearing in prominent positions on the search results page and they feature the brand logo or a featured image, and three products of the same brand. 

Amazon Sponsored Brands
Sponsored Brands Ads

You can read more about Sponsored Brands and learn how to get started with them in our Ultimate Guide to Sponsored Brands.

Happy optimizing! 


Any more questions? Please reach out to your customer success manager. We’ll be glad to help you!


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