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Amazon Advertising FAQ

What is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon Advertising is an advertisement platform by Amazon. By booking ads as a seller or vendor, you can place your products in a higher position in the product search, even above the organic search results. So far, Amazon Sponsored Products has been the most important advertising format on Amazon. They follow the Pay-Per-Click principle: you only pay for the ad placement when users actually click on your ad.

Amazon Advertising Positions with Sponsored Products Ads
Amazon Advertising Positions with Sponsored Products Ads

How does Amazon Advertising help me?

As a product search engine, Amazon has a big advantage over the other search engines: Users visit Amazon in the first place because they are already looking for a specific product. If you then advertise your products with Amazon Ads and match them to the right search queries, your product is likely to be displayed in their search results. This significantly increases the chances that they will buy your products.

Why is Amazon Advertising so important?

The competitive pressure is especially high on Amazon. With Amazon Ads you can hold against it. If competing sellers or vendors occupy the top ad positions, for example, you can claim them with Sponsored Products ads and secure your position there. This benefits you twice, because sales generated from ads pay into your organic ranking in the search results.

With Amazon Ads you increase the traffic on your offer: whether you want to push niche products or new products with low organic sales, or strengthen your visibility as a brand–with Sponsored Products you can achieve these goals.

How can I start with Amazon Advertising?

To start with Amazon Advertising, you must be registered as a professional seller or vendor on Amazon and be represented in the Buy Box  with your products so that your ads are displayed. The following categories are allowed currently for Amazon Ads:

Amazon Categories

Amazon Categories

How can I create a Sponsored Products campaign?

It is very easy to create a campaign. Log in to your Seller Central and go to Advertising > Campaign Manager > Create campaign. Check out our step-by-step guide on Sponsored Products campaign creation to learn what you need to consider when creating campaigns.

Which Sponsored Products campaign setup can you recommend?

A combination of a low-priced auto-campaign for keyword research and a manual campaign for product-specific adjustments has proven its worth. Read our blog post to find out how to ideally combine the two Sponsored Products campaign types.

How many products can I advertise in a campaign?

Generally speaking, the fewer products you advertise in a campaign, the more precisely you can control them. If you want to assign different CPCs to your products, you will have to create an individual Sponsored Products campaign for each product and set the CPC at campaign level. BUT: For longtail products this differentiation is usually not worth the effort. You can comfortably manage these in an ad group.

What can I do with my Bestsellers?

Here, hard work will pay off. 👉 Create a separate campaign for every top-seller SKU or ASIN. 👉 Book highly relevant keywords in the match types Broad/Phrase AND Exact. Provide them with individually calculated bids and perform a quick performance check 2-3 times a week.

How can I make sure that my ads are displayed more frequently?

Generally, you can achieve more impressions with your ads if you set the targeting for the campaign up broadly. For example, if you use keyword targeting, add more relevant keywords to your campaign. If the problem persists, your keyword bids or campaign budget may be too low.

Why do my ads appear on page 3?

Your bids are important for the placement of your ads. The amount of the bids determines the ranking of your ads in the auction. On the one hand, you can improve your ad rank by increasing the bid. This helps you double: Besides bids, the number of sales also plays a role. On the other hand, the quality of your product listing, photos, and your star ratings are factors to consider.

Why aren't my campaigns displayed?

This can have many reasons that have nothing to do with your campaign itself:

  • Your products or their alternatives are not eligible for advertising.
  • Information is missing in the listing or is not correct.
  • Your products are not available for delivery.
  • ...

If none of this is the case, we advise you to check one more time whether your campaign is actually displayed. It can take up to 24 hours until performance data is available for the campaign in the dashboard. If there is no activity at that point, your campaign might have run out of budget. Then you should take these steps to avoid further budget limits in Sponsored Products.

Why are my Sponsored Products campaigns budget limited?

If your Sponsored Products keep running out of budget, you are probably participating in only a few auctions with high bids. You can either increase your campaign budget or try to take part in more auctions with lower bids. This way, you can ensure that your ads are displayed throughout the day. Important: Have an eye on your performance–make sure that it does not go down.



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