Conversion Delay: Why the Performance of your Campaigns is Worse the Day Before


What are the differences between Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands?

When you take a look at the performance of your Amazon PPC campaigns the next day, you’ve probably realized that the performance you see is much better compared to previous days, right? In the following days, you suddenly see your orders and sales keep increasing in your campaigns. 

In this article, you will find out what conversion delay is and what the major differences between Amazon Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands are with regard to conversion delay.

Why does the performance of your PPC campaigns improve afterwards?

The 100% attribution of ad clicks to your orders is especially important to evaluate the success of your PPC campaigns: You want to ensure that all your PPC clicks are also attributed to all your orders and that you draw the right conclusions for yourself. However, the attribution is frequently delayed. 

What is conversion delay?

The time between the click on your ad and the actual sale, in which the orders are placed late and assigned to your clicks retrospectively, is called conversion delay.

For which Amazon PPC campaigns should I expect conversion delays?

For Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns, it takes 7 to 14 days, until all the orders are assigned to the previous clicks. (For sellers: max. 7 days, for vendors max. 14 days – on the dashboard). 


The order on 05.01 is assigned to the day of the click of your Sponsored Products campaign (01.01). 

14-day rule with Amazon Sponsored Products

When you start a new campaign, you should start with the analysis after 4 days at the earliest. Our recommendation: Be patient and wait 7 days as a seller and 14 days as a vendor. Then you will be on the safe side with the evaluation of your campaigns and intervene in case of poor performing keywords – there might still be follow-up orders running.


Typical conversion delay of Sponsored Products campaigns: ~60% of the orders are allocated directly the next day. Only after eleven days, 90% of the orders have been attributed.

Watch out: No conversion delay for Sponsored Brands campaigns

We have also systematically analyzed the conversion delay for Sponsored Brand campaigns. The result is astonishing! In contrast to Sponsored Products campaigns, the orders are not assigned at the time of click but at the time of the sale. As a result, there is no conversion delay for Sponsored Brands campaigns - the performance of your Sponsored Brands campaigns remains the same.


There is no conversion delay for Sponsored Brand campaigns: the performance of the campaigns does not change over time.


That doesn't mean that your customers don't buy later after clicking on your ads!

Amazon does not retrospectively allocate the order to your Sponsored Brands campaign at the time of click, but only at the time of sale. So, it can happen that on some days you see 2 orders but no clicks in your campaign.

How does missing conversion delay affect my Sponsored Brands campaigns?

Keep in mind: The performance of the last 14 days in Sponsored Brands campaigns is also affected by your actions from two weeks ago. This means that the delay takes place - users click and buy later - it is just not shown in Sponsored Brands campaigns. If you start a new campaign, you should keep this in mind. After all, your new campaign lacks the two-week "lead up".

On the other hand, this can also mean: If you stop your Sponsored Brands campaign, orders can still be generated in the campaigns within the next 14 days. In fact, as stated above, it is possible that there are orders without clicks in your Sponsored Brands campaigns.

Best Practices in dealing with missing conversion delay for Sponsored Brands campaigns 

For Sponsored Brands, after creating a new campaign or making a major change (new ad, new keywords, ...), you should wait 14 days to evaluate your performance (applies to sellers and vendors). Only the following period should be taken into account: It is "clean" and includes the follow-up performance of the previous two weeks.

How does ADFERENCE deal with conversion delay?

ADFERENCE considers the follow-up orders for each campaign and calculates the expected conversion delay for each account on a daily basis. 

conversion-delay-amazon-ppc-4 Exemplary presentation of an individual conversion delay and the corresponding recognition in ADFERENCE

Knowing how much the follow-up for your individual campaign will be, ADFERENCE can accurately evaluate the performance of your campaigns the very next day and manage it accordingly - for both Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns.

Did you already know the conversion delay for your Amazon PPC campaigns? How do you deal with it? Write us a comment on LinkedIn. We would be happy to hear your experiences and ideas!


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