Amazon Sponsored Products: Automated Bidding now available for Enhanced Auto Targets (EAT)

Amazon Sponsored Products: Automated Bidding

How ADFERENCE supports you with EAT 

Did you know ADFERENCE makes 100% use of Enhanced Auto Targets in bidding?

ADFERENCE' bidding automatically takes the 4 different default targeting options within auto-campaigns ("Automatic targeting groups") into account. This allows us to place your bids on the smallest, controllable level and with maximum precision at all times.

This means: If you optimize for performance-based goals (ACoS/ ROAS or CPO) with the ADFERENCE tool or use the bid strategies Budget-MaxOrders and Budget-MaxSales, ADFERENCE evaluates how strongly the respective targeting default contributes to the achievement of your goal. ADFERENCE then places your bids accordingly, but always as effectively as possible and at the smallest possible level.

Amazon Match Types Sponsored Products

If you use Budget-MaxClicks, each targeting default gets the same bid, because in this strategy every click is equally valuable.

Better Targeting for Amazon Sponsored Products Auto-Campaigns: What is behind it?

Auto campaigns are characterized by their easy and quick setup. Up until now, Amazon has taken care of matching the ads to relevant search queries, without leaving sellers or vendors any option to differentiate between types of search queries. In an attempt to make auto-campaigns more useful for advertisers, Amazon has launched 2 keyword and 2 product-related targeting defaults, which enable them to do exactly that: By assigning different bids to the 4 automatic targeting defaults, you are ultimately investing more (or less) into a certain slice of the traffic:

How well does the search query match my keywords?

  • With Exact match and Loose match, you can manage the type of automatically generated keywords.

How well does my product match the search query?

  • With Complements and Substitutes, you can specify how much you want to spend on an ad placement for similar products, or when your product is a complimentary product.

Have any questions about bidding for Enhanced Auto-Targets? Check out our Amazon PPC Blog or contact your Account Manager directly.



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