Smart bids for products and categories: ADFERENCE supports PAT campaigns

Smart bids for products and categories

Introduction to the many opportunities with PAT

Probably the most exciting addition to the Amazon Advertiser toolset in the last half year: the introduction of product and category targeting for manual Sponsored Products campaigns. Do you see it that way? Then we have some good news: Your bids are also always optimally set for products and categories, because: The ADFERENCE Algo also optimizes product and category bids fully automatically.

How does ADFERENCE work with product and category targeting?

ADFERENCE recognizes automatically whether you place bids for a keyword, a product or a category and then adjusts your bids according to the expected performance of your keywords, products, and categories. If, say, the placement of your ads on the competitor's page leads to many conversions, ADFERENCE will automatically increase your bids.


The reasons why you need to use PAT campaigns

Product Attribute Targeting (PAT) changed the rules of previous keyword-based targeting in Amazon. The reason is that it is now possible to target certain products with just a few clicks, which would previously have required extensive keyword research.

The new targets are a powerful option for any advertiser on Amazon. So many new strategies in advertising can be directly implemented with PAT campaigns:

How to apply PAT

  1. Tackle your competitor: Forward customers to buy your product
  2. Protect yourself: Promote a particular product
  3. More Conversions: Advertise a supplementary product
  4. Better Performance: Combine auto and manual campaigns

Product Attribute Targeting: How's that work again?

Super easy. When you create a campaign, you have 2 options to place your ads: You can either have your ads displayed if a search query contains the keywords you have entered. Or, and this is new: You display your ads whenever a particular product meets the search criteria organically (i.e. unsponsored). You simply say to Amazon: "Whenever this product matches the search query, my product will match as well."

The category targeting works manually: You choose a matching category. Whenever a potential Amazon user is looking for products in this category, your ads will be triggered for the placement.

Fine-tuning – a must-do

If you choose a targeting option at the product and category level, you will open your ad to a very wide range of search queries – as here in the example, for all articles in the Women's Shoes category:

Amazon Sponsored Products Product Attributed Targeting

Amazon Sponsored Products Product Attributed Targeting

You should narrow it down to:

  • Brand
  • Price Range
  • Star Reviews

Did you get the all answers? Read more about Targeting with Amazon Ads – What it is & how it works in our Ultimate Amazon PPC Guide.


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