Amazon PPC made easy: Get started with portfolios

Amazon PPC made easy get started with portfolios


Ok, admitted. We write a lot about portfolios and about the major advantages you’ll have in optimization. But, in our defence, cross-campaign budget allocation is simply worthwhile and is a real, worldwide breakthrough. We promise. If you haven’t set up your first portfolio yet, worry no more! We’ve built a step-by-step wizard to guide you through the setup process. It will help you to create a portfolio from your desired campaigns and set your individual PPC goals.



See? Easy as pie.

  • Hit “New Portfolio” to open the wizard and create your first portfolio.
  • Start by giving it a fun name (no seriously, use a name that makes sense in your campaign naming structure),
  • then add campaigns that you want to optimize together
  • and select a common bid strategy.

Amazon PPC Portfolio Wizard - Calculate Budget Click
Amazon PPC Portfolio Wizard - Calculate Budget Click


As for the portfolio budget, we’re saving you some time with the “calculate budget” button. It’ll add up and display the budgets of the campaigns for you, so you’ll know what you’ve spent on these campaigns before. Convenient, right? You can either go with that amount or change it. Maybe you want to spend more, e.g. to increase sales and clicks? Alternatively you can reduce the amount to cut costs.

In addition, we highly recommend that you use Smart Portfolio Budgets. It’ll help you to distribute your budget intelligently across campaigns. Read all about it and how Smart Portfolio Budgets will stop individual campaigns from running out of budget in our blogpost.

So, which campaigns should I include?

  1. Build clusters of campaigns that share similarities: most often, similarities are based on shared business goals, e.g. the same margin or ACoS target. You can also build a portfolio of campaigns with comparable conversion rates.
  2. Shared Reporting: Get one single report on a set of various campaigns. Just create a portfolio of select campaigns to see a single report.

That’s it!

That’s all you need to know to get started. We hope our new portfolio wizard will help you make the most of your Amazon PPC ads (feedback welcome). Happy optimizing!

Good to know: If you’re starting a new portfolio and can’t find campaigns, you’ve probably already added them to another portfolio. In that case, just remove them from there to add it to your new portfolio.


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