Small hacks with a big impact: How to achieve the best performance in Amazon Advertising campaigns

Hacks to improve PPC performance

Our secret tips to improve your performance

Our passion to find big and small adjustments for a better performance of Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns runs deep, as you know. Now we would like to share it with you.

You have already read our Ultimate Amazon PPC Guide and set up your campaign according to our post "Set up your campaign for success", right? Then you are in the right place to find more ways to improve the performance of your Amazon ads.

Ad relevance: Use the right backend keywords

You can create the best Amazon campaigns, do your research and added all the relevant keywords, if you don't put as much love and effort into optimizing your product descriptions, you'll only get a small slice of what is possible in terms of ad performance.

What is the quality factor of your Google Ads can be summarized as customer relevance in Amazon - an extremely customer-centric company. In the auction for the best ad placements, not only your maxCPC goes into the competition, but also the relevance of your product to the customer as evaluated by the Amazon AI. In addition to the price, prime offer/delivery, the number of previous sales, the relevance of your product to the customer's search are taken into account. Amazon questions whether you can meet the customers' needs with your product.

You should consider the following points for a "good" product relevance:

  • a well maintained product title,
  • listings,
  • product descriptions,
  • appealing photos,
  • the use of several product variants and in particular,
  • the use of right backend keywords.

Backend keywords are important for the success of your ads. The trick is to always add the top-performing PPC keywords as backend keywords. This usually leads to an immediate improvement of ad traffic. We always see an extreme increase in ad traffic when the best keywords are defined as backend keywords.


Budget limits: Decrease Amazon PPC bids and increase traffic

Your campaign setup is done, your bids are well set and the ACoS seems right? But still, there is one thing you should definitely check: make sure that your Amazon ads campaigns don't run out of breath during the day because of budget limitation.

Amazon PPC campaigns with limited budget
Amazon PPC campaigns with limited budget


For example, if your campaign's budget only lasts until 6 p.m., your competitors can buy cheaper traffic between 6 p.m. and midnight, due to the lower competition - and you are left empty-handed. In addition, between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. you have shot your whole powder with a too high maxCPC bid and thereby boosted the price in the auctions too much.

The obvious solution to this problem: increase your budget! If that's not possible (unfortunately as is often the case), there is an alternative:

→ Decrease the bids in your Amazon PPC campaigns with limited budgets, so that your budget will last for the whole day. Though you lower the bids, you take part in more auctions than before. You increase your total traffic in that way – despite lower bids.

Amazon PPC campaign with limited budget using lower bids ENG
Amazon PPC campaign with limited budget using lower bids 

There are two ways to identify campaigns that struggle from low budgets

The one: You look at your campaign dashboard shortly before 12 a.m. and check the current status of your campaigns. If the status "budget exhausted" appears, you should reduce the budget there.

The other: You look at the cost history of your campaigns over a period of time. If your campaigns "stick" at a certain spending level and there are hardly any fluctuations between different weekdays, this is a clear signal that your campaigns have always run out of budget over the past few days.

Your campaign budgets have repeatedly reached their limits and you ask yourself: What now? The earlier in the day you realize that your campaigns run out of budget, the more drastically you should lower your bids or increase your budgets.

How does Adference help you with that?

We check every day whether the budget for a campaign is sufficient or not. If a campaign has reached the budget limit, we automatically reduce the bids. The same is true for the opposite: If the budget is increased or it suddenly suffices for the whole day, we automatically increase the bids bit by bit again.

I hope we were able to show you some helpful and snackable PPC hacks that you can implement as soon as you have a minute! Looking for more information about campaign optimization? Check out our blog posts "Quick Performance Guide for Amazon Ads" or "The Best Way to Avoid Budget Limits".


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