New Bidding Strategies: Budget-Only – No Optimization Targets Needed

Budget Only Bidding Strategien VSB

Budget-only bidding strategies for Amazon PPC portfolios

We love data and helping you to stop wasting your time with tasks that are better done automatically, is our daily motivation. We’ve recently developed new bidding strategies for our Amazon PPC solution that take us one step further in this quest. They require no further input from you than the budget amount you set for a portfolio to provide you with reliable PPC optimization.

3 Budget-only strategies 

We are excited to introduce our budget-only bidding strategies for Amazon PPC portfolios:

Budget - Max Sales: Use this bidding strategy, if your goal is to generate as much revenue from your sales from your ad campaigns as possible.

Budget - Max Orders: Get as many orders and conversions as possible. If you’re looking to maximize the number of conversions, this is the go-to strategy for you.

Budget - Max Clicks: Buy as many clicks as possible with the given budget. Use this strategy e.g. to increase your visibility on Amazon.

edit portfolio

Edit Portfolio

You no longer have to figure out your ACoS targets for portfolios that use these budget-based bidding strategies: You tell us your strategy behind your portfolio, we make sure you reach it. Our machine learning algorithms calculate the ideal optimization path for your portfolio, given a daily budget and your business goal.

  1. Set a daily budget in your Adference portfolio dashboard
  2. Tell the system what you want to do with it: Maximize Sales, orders or clicks.

Best Use of Budget Only Strategies

Used together with Smart Portfolio Budget, you’ll make the most of the two optimization features. The Smart Portfolio Budget that you set will be allocated intelligently across campaigns in your portfolio. Additionally activating the bidding strategy "Budget - Max Sales" will get you as much sales revenue as possible for the given budget–all fully automated.

Budget-Max Sales

Budget-Max Sales

How does budget-based optimization for Amazon PPC work?

Normally, our bid calculations follow your specifications: depending on the ACoS or CPA target you set for a given portfolio, we increase or decrease your bids to meet that target. However, deciding upon a target ACoS across a portfolio containing a variety of campaigns can be tricky, especially if your campaigns are new and you don’t have a lot of historical data to look at. Wouldn’t it be nice if our system did that for you automatically?

Our algorithms analyze all the available data and perform complex calculations to estimate an initial target that is used internally. Next, we check in how far we’ve leveraged your daily budget. If we haven’t exploited the budget, we set a less strict target to increase spend, helping you to maximize sales, orders and clicks. Once we’ve reached the budget limit, Limited Budget Mode kicks in (we've written about it before in connection with PPC optimization for Google Ads). In this mode, our algorithms help you to win the most conversions over the course of the day while trying to keep your conversion rate stable.

This way, we make sure that all of the budget you’ve assigned to the task of maximizing sales, orders or clicks goes towards your end.

Got any questions or need help deciding on a bidding strategy? Feel free to ask your account manager.


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