A Feature for the Pros: Amazon Portfolio Reports


Feature: Amazon Portfolio Reports

If you’d like to know every detail of what we change when we optimize your campaigns, the latest update of our Amazon PPC Solution is for you. We've added an optimization report to the Portfolio Dashboard that gives you quite a lot of information about any changes that happened during our last optimization run: Amazon Portfolio Reports.


You now have access to detailed log files in the Portfolio Dashboard, allowing you to follow the adjustments of your campaigns in every detail. 

Access your Amazon PPC Optimization Report

Access your Amazon PPC Optimization Report

Simply open your Portfolio Dashboard and click on the 3 dots next to the edit icon to expand the menu. There you can access the Optimization Report for your portfolio.

Every day, you get an updated report on:

1. General Settings and Features

Current ACoS provides you with status information on your weighted target achievement. The performance of the recent past most strongly influences the status evaluation.

What's interesting for you: depending on the status, different mechanisms were triggered in the optimization.

Below: Your portfolio has not reached the target yet, your advertising costs exceed your ACoS target. Bids are more likely to be lowered, costs can be additionally reduced using the Save Costs function (this is triggered automatically).

Match: Your portfolio is on target.

Above: Your portfolio has overachieved its target, your advertising costs are below your ACoS target. Bids are most likely to be increased.

Conversion Delay: Purchases are typically made one to several days after an ad has been clicked. With a Conversion Delay of 2 days (as in this example here), we tell the algorithm to ignore yesterday's incomplete data.

Save Costs: A mechanism in the algorithm that reduces advertising spend and can start automatically if a campaign is below the target for a longer period of time.

Portfolio Report

Portfolio Report

2. Campaign Budgets

Budgets in full detail: What are the actual costs of your campaigns?

limited Budget TRUE: The budget has been fully exhausted, your ads may not have been displayed consistently.

limited Budget FALSE: There is sufficient budget available to keep your ads running.

If you're using portfolios and find that individual campaigns in the portfolio have exhausted their budget, it's probably worth setting a Smart Portfolio Budget. Check out our blog post about smart budget allocation for Amazon PPC portfolios to learn more.

3. General Statistics

Performance statistics of the last 7 days and the last 8 weeks, shown visually as a graph, but also in the form of a list in a table.

General Statistics

General Statistics

4. Bid Changes

By how many % were keyword bids increased or decreased?Bid Changes

Bid Changes

Log in now and have a look in the tool!

Any questions about the reports? Feel free to contact your Account Manager directly, we will be happy to help you.


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