Amazon Ads: Quick Boost for Holiday Season

Amazon Ads Quick Boost for Holiday Season

Are you ready for Q4?

Q4 is the busiest period for both Amazon sellers, vendors and users. People come into heat for shopping and the advertisers race with each other to meet this demand. As an Amazon merchant, you are already in an advantaged position. Amazon shoppers are eager to buy. But why not you be the provider? With easy preparation and the right strategies, you can have the upper hand in this long holiday shopping season. 

First-timer in the Holiday Season?

If you are an ADFERENCE user, the points below are already taken care of our tool. There is nothing you worry, just increase your budget and sit back and monitor your sales, impressions relaxed. If you are not, 

👉Study your well-performing keywords in your automatic campaigns and add them to your manual campaigns and set the bids on them. 


Get Ready Your Products to Attract Holiday Shoppers

Be sure that your product detail page includes all the necessary information that appeals to shoppers: 

👉Review the titles, images and product information of your products and include the keywords that you are targeting in the title and the description. Exclude the products with 3 stars or below, which exploits your budget but does not convert enough. 
👉If you have special offers such as free shipping or express shipping, definitely list that on your product description. That way, you can be on the radar of last-minute shoppers.

👉If you are running Sponsored Brands, align your customized ad copy with the holiday season as well as with images. You can set multiple campaigns that run at the same time. 

👉If you are a store owner on Amazon, it’s time to create brick and mortar shopping experiences online by arranging your showcase. Reorganize your product catalog in line with the holiday season, and link your Sponsored Brands to your store, which allows you to keep the shoppers inside your store. 


🤸Stretch the Limits of the Daily Budget

This is the most important part you should not stand back:

👉Increase your daily budget so that you don’t risk being out of the budget in the middle of the day and your ads run throughout the day. 
👉Increase the CPC of your best-performing keywords, in turn, your ads are always in the eyes of your potential buyers. 

You can read more about setting budget limits for your Amazon campaigns in our blog post


🔩Tune out your keywords

If the budget is the heart of the campaigns, the keywords are the arteries that carry the blood to the heart. 

👉Go over your keyword lists. As an ADFERENCE user, your best-converting keywords have already been transferred to your manual campaigns. What you would do is to even rule some of them out. Instead of focusing like 70 keywords for a product, just focus on the top-performing 20 keywords and keep the bids higher for them. 
👉Since it’s the holiday season, people spoil each other with gifts, that’s why it’s better to keep in mind to include in the keywords “for men” or “for women”. 
👉Add your non-converting keywords in your search term reports as negative keywords: Think long and hard on them because you can decrease your costs but also that can cause you to lose traffic.  

To reduce unnecessary click costs, check our blog post "Say goodbye to manual optimizations, welcome Excel – Semi-automated Amazon Ads"

👀 Keep an eye on your impressions, sales, CTR 

👉Check your performance report regularly, if your impressions, sales, and the CTR is low, there is only one solution: increase your bids and stay in the race! 


Overall, may the holiday season 2019 be filled with peace and cheer, and high revenues! 


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