ADFERENCE Innovation: Risk Level Slider for Amazon Ads


Risk Level Slider for your Amazon Ads 

Our Amazon algorithm calculates the right bid amount to achieve your selected advertising goal on the basis of the performance of your keywords to this date - whether your goal is to hit a certain ACoS or to invest your given advertising budget as efficiently as possible. The prediction of a keyword’s success always varies within a certain CVR distribution range. The less historical data available for a keyword, the broader the expected performance range of the keyword.
CVR Distribution

CVR Distribution

From now on you can help us to make our algorithm even smarter. Whenever you create a new portfolio in your user account, you now have the option to use our new risk level slider to let us know how bold your bids can be. If you set "cautious", ADFERENCE will probably go for lower bids. "Optimistic", on the other hand, is likely to lead to higher bids. If you leave the risk level slider at "balanced", we use the mean of the expected keyword performance as predicted on the basis of all available data. Meaning, the larger the data basis for your keyword, the smaller the range for the slider.

ADFERENCE Risk Level Slider

Have fun with our new slider. We're curious to see how you like it! Do you have questions about the tool or our Amazon features? Feel free to contact your account manager at any time.

Happy optimizing! :)


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