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Google Ads

Best Bidding Strategy for Google Shopping: Special Optimization Algorithm for Products

12.05.2021 - from ADFERENCE
Google Shopping and Product Listings  We have adapted our optimization approach from Bayesian statistics, which allows us to calculate the bids as ...
Ultimate- Amazon-PPC-Guide

Amazon PPC

The Ultimate Amazon PPC Guide 2021

19.01.2021 - from ADFERENCE

Amazon PPC

Amazon Advertising: Everything you need to know

30.09.2020 - from ADFERENCE
What is Amazon Advertising? Amazon Sponsored Products can be described as a type of Google Shopping that is based on keywords. Ads are paid per click ...

Google Ads

Entity Bidding: Optimizing Bids by Entities Instead of by Keywords

15.07.2020 - from ADFERENCE
A revolutionary approach to bid management  How Google Ads campaigns can be optimized to bring their performance to their peak - that's SEA manager’s ...
Ultimate-Guide-to Sponsored-Brands

Amazon PPC

The Ultimate Guide to Sponsored Brands 2020

30.01.2020 - from Türkan
Sponsored Brands  Visibility means everything in advertising nowadays, which can increase brand awareness, bring more sales. Amazon Sponsored Brands ...

Amazon PPC

Corona Recovery Package: How does the VAT reduction affect advertising KPIs?

01.07.2020 - from ADFERENCE
What Amazon Sellers and Vendors have to consider from 1 July 2020 In June, the German government decided on a temporary reduction in value-added tax ...

Amazon PPC

Amazon Prime Day 2020 - What you need to know about Prime Day Deals

10.06.2020 - from Türkan
What is Prime Day? Started in 2015 as a celebration of Amazon’s birthday, now it has become a tradition for the customers, sellers and vendors. The ...
PAT for Sponsored Brands

Amazon PPC

ADFERENCE optimizes Product Attributed Targeting (PAT) for Sponsored Brands

08.05.2020 - from Türkan
New Feature The last piece of the puzzle is completed: Product Attributed Targeting (PAT) for Sponsored Brands – With this new release, your bids are ...
ACoS-versus- CPO-Better-Metric

Amazon PPC

Amazon Advertising Metrics – ACoS vs. CPO: Which one is the better KPI?

12.03.2020 - from Florian
Advantages and disadvantages of both KPIs In Amazon Advertising you can pursue different performance strategies: ACoS ("Advertising Cost of Sales") ...

Amazon PPC

Conversion Delay: Why the Performance of your Campaigns is Worse the Day Before

13.02.2020 - from Florian
What are the differences between Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands? When you take a look at the performance of your Amazon PPC campaigns the ...
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