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ADworld Experience

15. October 2020

ADworld Experience in Bologna, Italy is among the number one Italian PPC conferences – all about PPC case studies. And it's going to take place in Bologna in October this year!

If you're in Italy, you can participate on site – or via live stream. We are excited to join the discussions again!

WHEN? October, 15-16 2020
WHERE? Virtual and Zanhotel Europa, Bologna 
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Hear us speak

Reinventing PPC optimization with Entity Bidding: A new bid optimization approach based on entities instead of keywords

On the first day of the event, Adference Co-CEO Florian Nottorf will present the new entity bidding approach that we have developed together with adSoul over the last 1.5 years. This revolutionary bid optimization approach for Google Ads is based on the optimization of bids by entities instead of by keywords. Keywords are broken down into their constituent parts: This opens up huge potential for longtail optimization.


 ABOUT YOU trial  

Entity Bidding vs. Google’s Fullistic Approach: Which Performs Better for Fashion Retailer ABOUT YOU?

The Entity Bidding approach piloted in the accounts of one of Europe's largest fashion retailers ABOUT YOU, and the results that Adference and adSoul achieved for ABOUT YOU are intriguing.

We have put this approach to the test against Google's fullistic approach with Smart Bidding – in a number of real and objective test scenarios. On day 2 of AdWorld Experience, Florian Nottorf will discuss the different testing scenarios and their outcomes.