SMXL Milan 2018

8. November 2018

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Conversion Attribution in the Travel Industry: 5 Hacks for a Better ROI and More Sales

Every customer’s research process is different–in the travel industry, windows between the first contact with an ad and the final conversion differ greatly between keywords, making it extremely difficult to measure the ad’s efficiency and optimize PPC bids accordingly. In search advertising, travel businesses have to develop effective strategies in dealing with the different amounts of time before customers reach the decision to buy, i.e. the conversion delay.

We’ve used our experience from optimizing millions of maxCPC-bids for Google AdWords and developed a machine learning solution for the problem. Based on actual, historically measured conversion delays, we calculate the attribution window for each keyword individually.

What you’ll learn:
In our session, we’ll analyze real life performance data from customer cases. We’ll share the hands-on best practices that we have developed based on the mistakes we see in our customers’ accounts.


WHEN? November 8th, 2018 – 10:00 AM

WHERE? SMXL Milano, MiCo – Milano Congressi