Millennial 2020 in London

13. March 2018

Hear us speak at M2020

Myths and truths about seasonal effects in Google AdWords and how to best deal with them

In marketing, we want to know exactly when our ads perform at their best. We like to follow the ups and downs in our campaigns throughout the day, week, month and year. But how to leverage this knowledge to make the most of the up-time in your Google Shopping and Search campaigns?

At Adference, we have analyzed and optimized millions of keywords and products. We’ve used that experience to derive best practices in identifying and dealing with sudden shifts and seasonal effects in campaign performance. In our session, we will give you tried and tested, actionable advice on how to micro-optimize your campaigns over the course of one day, how to best deal with weekday fluctuations and what to do with trends over longer periods of time.

WHEN? 2pm on March 14
WHERE? Tech & Innovation Stage
WHO? Tobias Blask, COO Adference

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Learn all about us and our PPC technology at M2020. Come say hi at our booth T2.1 or – even better – arrange a meeting with us! This will help us ensure that we'll have the time to answer all of your questions. We'd love to meet you!

WHERE? Booth T2.1
WHEN? March, 13-14