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With online shops in 11 countries, DefShop is one of Europe’s leading retailers for urban wear and street wear. DefShop advertises more than 27.000 products in 100.000+ product variations in about 2000 active AdWords campaigns. DefShop’s aim was to create a campaign and ad setup that is scalable to a growing number of products and countries–all while achieving the best possible cost-revenue ratio (CRR).
In close cooperation with Adference, DefShop was able to create an ideal campaign setup for expanding to other markets. Thanks to automated bidding and campaign optimization by Adference, a near unlimited number of products in any number of countries can be advertised in Google AdWords. Scientifically developed machine learning algorithms helped maximize sales.
The performance increase massively contributed to the growth of DefShop in Germany, but also on international markets. In Germany, DefShop saw a 30% increase in sales with Adference. In Finland, sales figures were doubled. Advertising costs were kept at a constant cost-revenue ratio.

An online shop for sports supplements, Fitmart offers a wide range of products that support muscle development and fitness. With Google Shopping ads, the retailer targets athletes in training who are looking for information on dietary supplements online. Fitmart places product ads in Google Shopping to draw searchers’ attention to its selection of products. How can Fitmart achieve the best possible ROI given its overwhelming number of products?
A wide range of products often means that every product receives very few clicks – that means very little data can be collected on the performance of a specific product. To counterbalance this paucity of information, our modern Adference algorithms form groups of keywords and products that learn from each other. With this statistical method, Adference can make remarkably precise predictions about the future behavior of a single product. This empowers Adference to accurately calculate highly cost-efficient bids.
With precise bid calculations, Fitmart was able to increase its revenue 40%. “Adference is an important part of our performance marketing. We were able to improve revenue by 40% while keeping the CRR unchanged. Given the good results, we now work with Google Shopping and Google Text Ads far more intensively.” — Christian Schmalfeld, Head of Online Marketing, Fitmart
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MyHammer is Germany’s largest website for tradespeople on the web. The team’s chief marketing aim is to direct Google users looking for tradespeople and other service providers to the MyHammer platform. To reach these searchers at the right time, MyHammer runs an advertisement for every relevant Google search regarding crafts and trades. The ad directs searchers to a matching online request form. How can MyHammer allocate its given AdWords budgets efficiently based on demand across all campaigns?
To maximize the number of quality leads, Adference adjusts AdWords bids according to their expected conversion rate and distributes the advertising budget as cost-effectively as possible. Successful ads with the best odds of conversion receive higher bids and run more frequently than less well-performing ads. This results in optimally directing AdWords traffic across all campaigns.
“With Adference, we visibly improved our AdWords performance (i.e., conversion rate and cost per lead) with a long-term effect. Without the unnecessary complexity of other systems, Adference offers an intelligent, lean solution that suits our needs perfectly. Combined with friendly, professional customer support, I recommend Adference alone as a bid management solution.”Paul Winker, Senior Performance Marketing Manager, MyHammer

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SYZYGY was searching for an efficient solution for managing keyword bids and product bids in Google AdWords. The aim was maximum performance while taking into account target settings, fast reaction to change, and the integration of different conversion data, in addition to comfortable navigation without added effort in account handling.
When SYZYGY began its search for a strong partner in this area, the agency compared a number of bid management systems. Over the course of several weeks, the performance of AdWords campaigns was compared in a variety of scenarios.
Adference Bid Management showed convincing results and has been SYZYGY’s preferred bid management solution for optimizing bids in AdWords accounts ever since.
“We are impressed by the improved performance in our customers’ Google AdWords accounts. The fast and simple integration of new accounts into Adference bid optimization is a big plus.”Dr. André Vieregge, Principal Performance Marketing, SYZYGY

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Shopping24 internet group is a successful provider of numerous online marketplaces and shopping portals. Finding users interested in buying their partners’ products and then directing them from the Google search engine results page to the shopping site requires fully automated management of Google AdWords campaigns. The goal: maximize profits from search engine advertising.
After months of testing and comparing competing bid management systems, Adference came out on top. In order to maximize profits, shopping24 uses the Adference bidding strategy that decides in favor of the greatest possible return in every situation.
With Adference, shopping24 decided in favor of a tool with a clear specialization on bid optimization and against a 360-degree solution with an overwhelming set of options.

“Adference Bid Management helped us to increase our profit substantially.”Hannes König, Performance Marketing Manager, shopping24 internet group

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