New target setting in Adference Beta might make your life easier: Account targets

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Most of our customers know that Adference Bid Management allows them to set target CPAs and ROIs at campaign and ad group levels. What many of them don’t know is that Adference is able to set optimization targets at the account level, as well. Find out which advertisers should give Account Target a try and how to get started!

Without Account Target, information from each campaign stands on its own

Account Target is not only a convenient way to set the same target value for all of your campaigns at the same time. Its real added value lies in the fact that Adference Bid Management will look at the performance patterns of all campaigns that are optimized under the same target value to calculate the right bids. Subsequently, campaigns with similar targets will learn from each other’s historical performance. That is, Account Target is more of a way to broaden your database for under-utilized keywords in the long tail. To benefit from the effect, only campaigns that show similar performance patterns should be optimized together.

With Account Target, Adference uses all of your account information in calculating bids

Who is Account Target for?

Advertisers often have hundreds or even thousands of AdWords campaigns that were generated automatically. Many of these campaigns are similar in structure and behave more or less uniformly. Keywords and products in these campaigns show similar conversion rates, click through rates and are closely related thematically. In these cases, it only makes sense to bundle campaigns that are headed in the same direction and to use all of the little information available in the long tail as effectively as possible.

Where do I sign up?

This hidden feature of Adference Bid Management is currently available through Adference Beta only. What this means for you: the setting is not visible in the Adference Cockpit at the moment. If you wish to improve your AdWords performance using the new setting, contact us and together we’ll see whether this is the right move for you. Once we’ve worked out all the details, our specialists will set the account targets for you in the background.

This is a new service for customers who are looking to use the full scope of our technology. Like the approach? Test and try out new features with Adference.

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