Google sunsets average position: Ready for this change?

We've got you covered!

A couple of days ago, Google retired the average position metric for good. For a very long time, average position has been a fundamental and popular metric to evaluate the performance of Google Text Ads. You like average position? No worries, with Adference you’ll go into this change prepared!

In late February, Google announced that they will sunset the average position metric by the end of September. The reason was that the average position is not always a perfect parameter when it comes to ad position. It only gives you the order of your ads compared to other ads, not its actual position on the SERP. Position 1 could therefore also appear below the organic search results. Unfortunately, this is not precise enough if you want to observe the performance of your ads.

Google introduced Impression (Absolute Top)% and Impression (Top) % for a more accurate representation. With the introduction of the new metrics, Google will now provide more accurate figures about where your ads are displayed on the page.

Despite its limitations, many Google Ads account managers used to rely on average position when it came to bid adjustments. So have we. Our algorithms have previously used average position together with a number of metrics to decide whether to further increase bids or not.

Always well-equipped with Adference!

As an Adferenceler, you enjoy the advantage of Adference from the first row. We dealt with everything and can’t wait for this smooth change. Our R&D team has done all the necessary testing to update our algorithms, taking into account the new metrics. From your perspective, the only change you will see in the Adference UI is “Impressions (abs. Top)" instead of average position. As usual, our smart algorithm will do the heavy lifting! 

Google_Average Position Removal_Adference

Google Average Position Removal

👉 "Impressions (Absolute Top)" is only available for Search Ads. To display the performance data, simply filter by Search Campaigns.

As always, happy optimizing!


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