ADFERENCE optimizes Product Attributed Targeting (PAT) for Sponsored Brands

PAT for Sponsored Brands

New Feature

The last piece of the puzzle is completed: Product Attributed Targeting (PAT) for Sponsored Brands – With this new release, your bids are always in the optimum state: because ADFERENCE's smart algorithm sets your bids optimally for keyword and product targeting for Sponsored Brands! 

What are the advantages of PAT for Sponsored Brands campaigns?

By targeting the competitors' products, you have the chance to be displayed at the very top of the page. 

Product targeting provides you a spectacular granular targeting opportunity: Through product attributed targeting, you can target specific product features such as category, brand, price and rating as well as sets of ASINs.

Product targeting lets your brand gain visibility across an entire product segment wider than keyword targeting.

You can read detailed information about targeting options for Sponsored Brands in our Ultimate Sponsored Brands Guide 2020. 

How does ADFERENCE work with product targeting?

It doesn't matter you select keyword or product targeting, ADFERENCE automatically identifies the type of target you use. To present you the maximum gain, our smart algorithm automatically adjusts the bids based on the performance of the product and category.

As an advertiser, all you have to do is to decide on the targeting type, either Keyword Attributed Targeting (KAT) or Product Attribute Targeting (PAT), ADFERENCE deals with the rest: We optimize your bids in line with your aim.

Best Uses of PAT 

1. Target the ASINs of Complementary Products: 

It allows you to promote additional products and complementary products. 

2. Negative Product Targeting

You can ward off displaying your products on the pages of unrelated items or you can avoid showing your products with a 3-star with the products with higher than 3-star. 

Negative Targeting for Sponsored Brands

3. Product Selection

  • High-rated products
    You can target the low rated products to brighten the products of your own. 
  • Low-priced products
    If you are offering a cheaper offer than your competitors, target these expensive products by refining the price range.
  • Branded products
    By selecting specific brand names, you can target other similar branded products to be shown as equivalent product alternatives. 

If you would like to know more about Product Attributed Targeting, you can contact your personal Customer Success Manager! We are always here for you! 



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